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100 plus families of high school
student-athletes and counting...


Who is this for

If you are a parent or student-athlete who wants to get help with getting college offers or earning a sports scholarship, or better yet, you are looking for a way to reduce college tuition. THIS IS FOR YOU!

If you don't know where to start and you can't figure it out, and you've tried organizing your information, you tried building a list of coaches, you tried creating your own highlight films, you tried reading the books, you attended the camps and showcases, you tried doing it on your own,  and you’ve tried using competing solutions with no results. THIS IS FOR YOU!

If your sick of burning through money, wasting your valuable time, and feeling frustrated and confused about how to get offers or scholarships. THIS IS FOR YOU!

If you haven’t gotten the results you are looking for, and everything you've tried is just not working, then THIS IS FOR YOU!

Ian Stewart, TruChampions Athlete

Ian Stewart

"You wanted it just as bad as I wanted it, and that’s the number one reason I choose to work with you."

Kate Currie

“I’ve grown so much as a person and I can’t thank you enough for all the help.”

Jace Matkin

“ He has the talent, but the hardest part was not knowing where to start the process.”

Core Concepts

Here’s the truth. It is possible to earn a sports scholarship if you have the right information, and you follow the right steps in the correct order. Unfortunately, far too many parents either don’t understand the steps or end up wasting tons of money learning it on their own.

As crazy as it sounds most parents only have about one to two years to learn the recruiting process, and by the time they figure it out, it is too late. I have run a series of experiments, which have proven my theories over the past decade. I believe my methods make me the best person to solve this problem and want to help your student-athlete earn a sports scholarship and get recruited.

Here is my core concept. My core concept is that parents fail, not because they can’t build a resume, or create a directory of coaches, or learn the process on their own. But because they conduct these activities in the wrong order, miss important information, lack the education and run out of money, and give up before they even get started.

Background and Grounding Story

Isiah Beauchamp, TruChampions Coach and CEO
Isiah Beauchamp, TruChampions and wife Daniela

For those who don’t know, I am the founder of TruChampions. My name is Isiah Beauchamp. I have a Business Management degree from Michigan State University. I am also a Marine Corp Veteran who served in two combat tours in Afghanistan in 09’ and then in 2010.

Here is my story. After getting out of the military, I immediately started coaching high school basketball in my hometown.

The program I coached for was focused on helping student-athletes progress and excel. I wanted to focus on helping student-athletes play sports in college after high school, but most of our staff had little to no experience on how to get student-athletes recruited to play at the next level. At that time I made it my mission to focus on helping parents and student-athletes win athletic scholarships.

Here’s where things got complicated. I was struggling because I was looking for a strategy and how to do this, it seemed impossible. There was so much information, but not a clear path or process. Yeah, you can read the books, and google it, but everyone seemed to have their own strategy.

Here is where I was getting frustrated. I didn’t have time to test every strategy to know which one worked the best.

I was fed up. So I decided to take matters into my own hands, I researched and researched and researched. I finally came up with my own strategy.

I knew I had to run a series of experiments that made the most sense to me to help get my athletes noticed by college coaches, and of course, help them earn athletic scholarship offers. My goal was that I wanted to come up with the best strategy, with the highest probability to earn a scholarship.

I wanted the strategy to be the fastest and easiest process to follow.
My strategy worked so well, that I was able to help 8 out of every 10 athletes earn an athletic scholarship. On average my athletes were offered 60% of their college tuition to be paid.


Everyone in my local community started asking me “what I did” and “how I did it”. So I decided to help others with my method and since we have been so successful, I thought now would be the best time to share my secrets.

Thesis Steps

Step 1: Making a College List

Old Way 

  • Creating your own list of coaches

New Way

  • Buying a database that has already been created.

Old Way 

  • Spend 10 plus hours researching and making updates 

  • Spend a minimum of 20 hours creating a solid list 

  • You will miss important information

  • Creating a list will burn you out or frustrate you

New Way

  • You will save 20 administrative hours purchasing a pre-made list  

  • You will save at least 10 hours a month on updates

  • Instant access to a massive list of college programs

  • Instant access to a massive list of college coach contacts

Unique Useful Insight

The reality is that you should always create a list. Here’s the secret, if you buy a database you will save about 20 hours on administrative time building your own list. Then you will also save another 10 hours a month maintaining the coach changes and program updates. Our team updates each program on a weekly basis so you no longer waste time on updates.  Without question, we make it faster, easier, and quicker to get to your desired goals. 

Step 2: Creating A Profile

Old Way 

  • Build your own resume, fill out questionnaires, or hire someone to build one for you.

New Way

  • Use a software that has a built-in profile with a shareable link that can easily be sent to any college coach or program.

Old Result

  • You miss information

  • The structure of the resume is wrong

  • You can't link highlight video's to it

  • It takes a lot of time to design and create

  • Any updates could cause you to start all over

New Result

  • You won't spend hundreds of hours filling out college questionnaires

  • You won't have to hire a resume builder 

  • You will have a live shareable link that updates changes to your profile in seconds

  • It is easy to use and edit

Unique Useful Insight

Look at your profile like a resume. You would never apply for a job without being able to explain your experience or skills, right? There is nothing different here. Now is the right time to start creating a profile that you can share with coaches. Taking a new approach to sports recruiting means that you are now able to show your skills, personal contact information, video links, live game statistics, and more making you more attractive to coaches. This means you will smooth out your relationship building and move forward with scholarship offers. 

Step 3: LEarn how to Connect with coaches

Old Way 

If you have the talent you hope they find you. 

New Way

Learn how to communicate with coaches. You educated yourself on the sports recruiting process. 

Old Way 

  • Play your heart out a game without a coach attending

  • Wasted money on gas, food, hotel, camp fees 

  • Attend camps and showcase with no contacts

  • You feel like coaches are not watching you

  • Slip through the cracks

New Way

  • You can get your head in the game knowing that a coach is able to track your game information with a simple click.

  • You can invest the money you spend into resources that return results.

  • You can attend camps and showcases with confidence because you will know how to be a recruit standout.

  • You don't have to take chances or risks because with TruChampions you WILL get noticed.

Unique Useful Insight

If you know what you need to do to connect with college coaches to get scholarship offers you will no longer waste your money attending camps, showcases, or tournaments without a plan. In the past, you have wasted money on gas traveling to and from events, food, and hotel costs with little to no offers.

However, if you know how to market yourself,  the number of events you will have to attend will decrease while the offers and coach's interest in you will increase. Forget about spending $10,000 a year trying to maximize your athlete's exposure. Take the mystery out of connecting with coaches. Allow us to teach you the truth about how to save your precious time, energy, and money. 

Option 1 vs Option 2

Despite what you've heard, there are a few ways to achieve this: 

Option one is you can buy the recruiting books, do it yourself by going online and researching the sports recruiting process, reading numerous blogs, hire a sport recruiting consultant or firm, asking your coaches or friends for help, hiring a competing solution, creating a resume or profile, updating the profile after every event, filling out hundreds of questionnaires, creating a list of coaches and updating the list at least monthly, creating your own highlight video, learning how to structure the video, hiring a videographer and paying for updates or changes, creating email templates, creating call scripts that you use when calling coaches, attending camps, showcase, and tournaments, setting up campus visits on your own.


However, the results of this are:

  • On average you will buy 2 or 3 books which who knows what type of information you will find.

  • The information you will get will be too much or not enough information.

  • You are unique! The coach, friend, books, blogs can't relate to your current situation.

  • Blogs, books, or links are other people’s options and not facts

  • You will spend on average of 50 plus hours reading and taking notes.

  • No proven track record or no action is taken after reading the books or blogs or research.

  • Many times friends, family, and coaches have no time or experience. With that said, they are not looking out for your best interest or they are playing the political game with you and your athlete. 

  • You will have no additional help unless that person knows every detail of your situation.

  • On average most parents research 20 to 30 different resources with no results.

  • The online resources have no clear cut process.

  • There is no manual on where to start your research. 

  • The learning process will take a long time if you have no previous experience.

  • You will most likely be doing the steps in the wrong order.

  • Chance are you will miss important information.

  • You quit because its overwhelming and you've left feeling confused, drained, and insecure.

  • By the time you learn what to do, you might have missed out on opportunities.

  • No total recruiting packages are offered.

  • You will encounter low or average success rates. 

  • You don't get recruited and slip thru the cracks.

  • Can’t move forward without meeting face-to-face with an individual recruiter because their process is kept secret.

  • You will deal with schedule conflicts with appointments.

  • No personalized attention is given or you are just another number in their business.  

  • They are in control of your athlete's future. 

  • You might be nickel and dimed for your money.

  • You might have to pay by appointment or hourly rate which could rack up costs quickly.

  • Competitors may offer a cheaper process but often have a lower success rate.

  • Competitors are willing to take any athlete without evaluation.

  • Inconsistent product or experience.

  • You might deal with poor customer service.

Here is what is waiting for you

Option Two

Years ahead of our competitors, TruChampions offers athletes a program with one of the highest success rates. By working with us you will have access to all the resources you need to launch your dreams; the TruChampions Academy, Software and Tools, and Workshops.


We have jump started the sports careers for hundreds. On average 8 out of every 10 athletes we have worked with have earned 60% of their college tuition paid in the first year.  Imagine having a return on investment of 1000% in scholarship offers towards the money you have invested, which means technically you will have RISKED NOTHING!!!

this is for YOU!

You don’t want to miss this opportunity! We are here to help parents of student-athletes who want to help their child earn an athletic scholarship. Most don't know where to start, they struggle to get offers, failed to get the results, miss important information, run out of money, and give up before they even get started.

College and Parent Sports Recruiting
James Keister, TruChampions Athlete

James Keister

"TruChampions helped me every step of the way through the recruiting process and I would highly recommend them to anyone."

Cal Raymond, TruChampions Athlete

Cal Raymond

"You truly get what you put in. Thank you TruChampions for all of the hardwork you put in for me"

Blake Gilliam, TruChampions Athlete

Blake Gilliam

"TruChampions is a large reason why I am playing in college"

Benefits & Outcomes

By working with TruChampions, you will have all the training, tools, and workshops you will need to be successful. You will save hundreds of hours learning from us versus trying to learn the process on your own. You will be able to go from 0 to 5+ offers by the time you graduate no matter where you are in your process if you follow our steps exactly as shown.


You can finally get rid of your frustrations and insecurities. You can forget about reading books or doing the research, and you can forget about failing to get recruited.


8 out of 10

Every 8 out of 10 student-athletes we work with earn athletic scholarships to the college of their choice.

College Campus

60% Average Scholarship Offer

Our students on average receive 60% of their tuition paid in their first year.


Return on Investment

Our customers are averaging 1000% ROI in scholarship offers.

How it Works

The Database

Before, when you sat down and compiled your list of college programs to find your student-athletes perfect fit, you would have to spend hours researching and creating your own list of college coaches. But, who has time to do that? Put your mind at ease and use our simple database to gain instant access to a massive list of college programs with the coach’s contact information that is updated on a weekly basis.


Don’t miss important information, save your time building your own list, limiting your options, and spending 10+ hours weekly updating your list. Once difficult, now easy, your investment in our verified database is a game changer.

The software

Think about everything you would need to do if you wanted to create and share your student-athletes resume or profile. You would have to build it for them, help them fill out hundreds of questionnaires on different college websites and if you didn’t have anything built your would have to hire someone to build one for you so you have something to share.


We’ve reinvented the way to market student-athletes by using our simple software that has a built-in profile allowing you to instantly share information with college coaches that provides details like your skills, training, athletic experience, education, and most importantly, the accomplishments you’ve made with your current high school program. This will help build rapport with the college coach and better yet maximize your exposure without spending tons of hours creating your own resume design, researching the structure of the resume, miss adding important information, constantly updating, researching to find the questionnaire links, and filling out college questionnaires.


Forget about hiring an expensive resume designer, who charges you for any updates. Stop feeling drained, frustrated, and not in control. There is no better value for your time and money than our software.

The Academy and workshops

Previously, when you wanted to connect with college coaches to earn athletic scholarships, you would have to hope that you are discovered by your talent alone. But now, you can use our Academy and take part in our workshops to educate yourself on the sports recruiting secrets that will take you from 0 to 5 offers by the end of your high school career.


Skip the hassle of buying the books, learning all of it on your own, bothering family and friends with questions, attending costly camps with no plan, and feel like you are slipping through the cracks with no results. Engineered for success, our step-by-step methods for the sports recruiting process allows you to master the important “How to’s” of the recruiting process which makes landing a spot in a college program a reality.


 *** To keep our success rates high and give each athlete a personalized recruiting experience we limit the number of student-athletes we accept each month. We only take on the athletes with parents who commit to the success of their athletes.

Do not delay because we only take on 20 athletes a month.

If you are interested, it is important you sign up right away because if you do not you will have to wait until next month. Get an early start or you will be placed on the waiting list and will have to wait until a spot opens.***  

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