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Ian Stewart, Michigan State University Commit

"You wanted it just as bad as I wanted it, and that’s the number one reason I choose to work with you."

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Kate Currie, Cleary University Commit

“I’ve grown so much as a person and I can’t thank you enough for all the help with the recruiting process.”

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Mack Lane, Mid Michigan Commit

At one point we were ready to give up, but with your help, Mack will continue to live out her dream of playing college softball at Mid Michigan College.

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Who is this for?

Have you been looking for ways to get college offers and earn a sports scholarship? Or are you just trying to reduce your tuition bill for your student-athlete? THIS IS FOR YOU!

If you don't know where to start and you can't figure it out, and you've tried organizing your information, you tried building a list of coaches, you tried creating your own highlight films, you tried reading the books, you attended the camps and showcases, you tried doing it on your own, and you’ve tried using competing solutions with no results. THIS IS FOR YOU!

If your sick of burning through money, wasting your valuable time, and feeling frustrated and confused about how to get offers or scholarships. THIS IS FOR YOU!

If you have been struggling to get the results that your want, and are tired of trying everything with no luck, then this is for you. THIS IS FOR YOU!

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Our Core Concept is...

The truth is that it's possible to earn a sports scholarship, as long you have the right information and follow the correct steps in order.

Unfortunately, far too many parents either don’t understand the steps or end up wasting tons of money learning it on their own.

As crazy as it sounds most parents only have about one to two years (on average) to learn the ins and outs of how colleges recruit for scholarships before their child has hit 18 years old. - We've learned what doesn't work through our own trial and error over ten years of successful experiments with other athletes across North America. Our methodologies make us not just qualified but also uniquely suited among experts when it comes time for students everywhere to start their recruiting journey.

‚ÄčHere is my core concept. My core concept is that parents fail, not because they can’t build a resume, or create a directory of coaches, or learn the process on their own. But because they conduct these activities in the wrong order, miss important information, lack education, and run out of money, and give up before they even get started.

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There are only two options that you can choose from in the High School to College Sports Recruiting Process.

Despite what you've heard, there are a few ways to achieve this:

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James Keister

"TruChampions helped me every step of the way through the recruiting process and I would highly recommend them to anyone."

Cal Raymond

"You truly get what you put in. Thank you TruChampions for all of the hard work you put in for me"

Blake Gilliam

"TruChampions is a large reason why I am playing in college"

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How it Works

Before, when you sat down and compiled your list of college programs to find your student-athletes perfect fit, you would have to spend hours researching and creating your own list of college coaches. But, who has time to do that? Put your mind at ease and use our simple database to gain instant access to a massive list of college programs with the coach’s contact information that is updated on a weekly basis.

Don’t miss important information, save your time building your own list, limiting your options, and spending 10+ hours weekly updating your list. Once difficult, now easy, your investment in our verified database is a game-changer.

Think about everything you would need to do if you wanted to create and share your student-athletes resume or profile. You would have to build it for them, help them fill out hundreds of questionnaires on different college websites, and if you didn’t have anything built you would have to hire someone to build one for you so you have something to share.

We’ve made it easier for student-athletes to be discovered by college coaches with our simple software that has a built-in profile allowing you to instantly share information about your skills, training, athletic experience and education. This will help build rapport with the coach who can see how your achievements benefit their team before even meeting in person.  Forget spending tons of hours creating your own resume design, researching the structure of the resume, missing important information, constantly updating, researching to find the questionnaire links, and filling out college questionnaires.

Forget about hiring an expensive resume designer, who charges you for any updates. Stop feeling drained, frustrated, and not in control. There is no better value for your time and money than our software.

Previously, when you wanted to connect with college coaches to earn athletic scholarships, you would have to hope that you are discovered by your talent alone. But now, you can use our Master Class and take part in our virtual weekly workshops to educate yourself on the sports recruiting secrets that will take you from 0 to 5 offers by the end of your high school career.

Skip the hassle of buying the books, learning all of it on your own, bothering family and friends with questions, attending costly camps with no plan, and feel like you are slipping through the cracks with no results. Engineered for success, our step-by-step methods for the sports recruiting process allow you to master the important “How to’s” of the recruiting process which makes landing a spot in a college program a reality.

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Our Sports

Our sports recruiting process is best used for the following sports. 


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Baseball & Softball

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