Meet President and CEO 
Isiah Beauchamp

My name is Isiah Beauchamp and I am the founder and CEO of TruChampions. I have a Business Management degree from Michigan State University. I am also a Marine Corp Veteran who served in two combat tours in Afghanistan in 09’ and then in 2010.

Here is my story...

After getting out of the military, I immediately started coaching high school basketball in my hometown.


The program I coached for was focused on helping student-athletes progress and excel. I wanted to focus on helping student-athletes play sports in college after high school, but most of our staff had little to no experience on how to get student-athletes recruited to play at the next level. At that time I made it my mission to focus on helping parents and student-athletes win athletic scholarships.

Here’s where things got complicated. I was struggling because I was looking for a strategy and how to do this, it seemed impossible. There was so much information, but not a clear path or process. Yeah, you can read the books, and google it, but everyone seemed to have their own strategy.

Here is where I was getting frustrated. I didn’t have time to test every strategy to know which one worked the best.

I was fed up. So I decided to take matters into my own hands, I researched and researched and researched. I finally came up with my own strategy.

I knew I had to run a series of experiments that made the most sense to me to help get my athletes noticed by college coaches, and of course, help them earn athletic scholarship offers. My goal was that I wanted to come up with the best strategy, with the highest probability to earn a scholarship.

I wanted the strategy to be the fastest and easiest process to follow.
My strategy worked so well, that I was able to help 8 out of every 10 athletes earn an athletic scholarship. On average my athletes were offered 60% of their college tuition to be paid.

Everyone in my local community started asking me “what I did” and “how I did it”. So I decided to help others with my method and since we have been so successful, I thought now would be the best time to share my secrets.