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Former Fab Five Member, Jimmy King addresses Michigan Gov. Whitmer's legislation allowing college athletes to be paid for endorsements.


College athletes are now one step closer to being paid for endorsements after Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed bipartisan legislation allowing them to be compensated on Wednesday.


Former Fab 5 Member at the University of Michigan, and TruChampions, Vice President, Jimmy King says, “I am fully supportive of this legislation. Since we first step foot on campus, my Fab Five brothers and I have been asking for this to happen. As part of the Fab Five, we all were painfully aware of how the same NCAA system that used our basketball talents turned athletic directors and TV execs into millionaires. It was ensured that we would never receive a dime of those riches.”


The legislation, which would take effect on Dec. 31, 2022, would be the first time in state history student-athletes are allowed to make money from playing sports in college. Whitmer said the legislation will change the lives of student-athletes who have committed countless hours to their sport while attending school.


This landmark decision is the first time in the state’s history that collegiate athletes will be able to earn this financial benefit while still playing for their school.


“For years we have all enjoyed the incredible talent of young athletes across the state. This legislation will change the lives of young men and women for years to come,” said Whitmer in a Dec. 30 statement. “As only the second state in the nation to pass this historic legislation, I am proud to sign this bipartisan legislation today on behalf of our current and future student-athletes. I am hopeful that the NCAA will set a national standard so that all players across the country are afforded the same opportunities.”


Information is still being shared. Stay tuned to TruChampions for further updates.


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