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The top 5 things college coaches want in players

coach communication high school sports recruiting high school to college recruiting student athletes top things coaches look for truchampions sports recruiting Apr 13, 2021
top things coaches look for in athletes

It is no secret that college coaches are always watching players. They watch how they interact with their teammates, their family, their coaches, and most importantly their attitude about the game. Coaches want someone who is hardworking, loves the game, and a team player. So, it is safe to say you can leave any egos at the door. Coaches look for the full package and although recruiting might look different for each program you will notice that coaches know what they want.

Just like a job might do, coaches do a “social” background check on their athletes. They comb through athlete’s social media to get an idea of their character and maturity. If they are making an investment in your athlete, they always do their homework.

Here are the top things coaches look for:

Coaches have a job, and it is to produce a successful team. They are looking to fill a need by graduation year so, they look for players who can fill gaps in players leaving or weaknesses. If your athlete is athletically diverse, they make themselves an asset for any team. If your athlete is a star player on their high school team, they most likely will be able to play in college however, they must be honest with themselves on what division is right for them.


Being a good student certainly pays off in the recruiting process. The better your athlete performs in the classroom the more college options they will have at their fingertips. Colleges offer academic scholarships for good grades and high standardized test scores. Grades and test scores can open options for scholarship money that an athletic department might not have or could save. Lastly, there is evidence link to work ethic and good grades, and what coach does not want a hard worker?

Strong Character

Coaches look for “good people” to fill their teams. Student-athletes represent the school and program so, they want athletes that will demonstrate respect and responsibility on and off the field. Most of the time they will speak with your athlete’s coaches to see how they were as a player. They don’t have time to deal with poor behavior. Student-athletes should consider volunteering and participating in their community or church. This shows good character and coaches like to see athletes who help others.

Work Ethic

Hard work always pays off. Coaches time and time again will say that a good work ethic is the number one quality they look for in student-athletes. Not only does a strong work ethic usually mean a stronger player but, it also means someone you can trust and count on.

Sports IQ

Sports IQ is more than just being a smart person, it's about playing the game in an intelligent manner. Avoiding unnecessary contact, quick decision making, and adjusting to the competition are just a few of the ways in which seasoned student-athletes stay consistently at the top of their game.

Playing sports at the highest level requires that your athlete must have deep tactical knowledge, recognize patterns of play, anticipate events before they happen, focus attention, monitor space and players around you, and make time-pressured, complex decisions based on probability and rule structures.