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When should parents of student-athletes start the sports recruiting process?

high school sports recruiting recruiting tips starting the recruiting process truchampions sports recruiting Jul 17, 2021

As a parent, you want to give your child every opportunity that they deserve. You may be wondering when should I start the sports recruiting process? The answer is simple: as soon as possible.  It's important to know what sports they're interested in, and how committed they are before you make any decisions.

There are many things that need to happen in order for this process to go smoothly and without any stress on the family. The recruiting process as a whole can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, so it's important that you have the time and dedication to finish up if necessary!

TruChampions offers eLearning courses for parents to learn the sports recruiting process from start to finish. The Master Class helps put your student-athlete in the best possible position if you follow our process as directed.

This article will help you get started and answer other common questions parents have about this topic.

  1. The recruiting process starts when a student-athlete is in the ninth grade. Nearly every athlete has their sights set on the moment they can start playing professionally. This dream starts in ninth grade when a student-athlete is first able to be recruited by colleges and universities for scholarships.

  2. Parents should be involved and aware of what their child's future coaches want to see. Coaches can be tough, but that doesn't mean you should ignore them. Parents are usually the ones who will help their athletes with coach outreach. Student-athletes will need to coordinate and schedule these conversations with coaches, so it's their responsibility to make sure they know what is expected of the coach and team.

  3. If a student-athlete wants to go Division I, they need to start early on the process. If your athlete wants to be a Division 1 athlete, start the recruiting process early. Early recruitment is especially important when it comes to balancing academics and sports. Their future coaches will appreciate the early interest in their program and will open conversations!

  4. Being an athlete is tough. It's not always about working hard during practice and games; it can also be difficult to juggle the recruiting process with schoolwork as well. Recruiting can be a stressful time for both parents and athletes alike because of how much they are juggling at one point in their lives but it is just part of being on a sports team so don't forget that this part will eventually come to an end soon enough!

  5. Athletes should not feel pressured into making decisions about their sports career before high school graduation. Student-athletes should not feel pressured into making life-changing decisions about their sports career before high school graduation, but parents need to understand how powerful an influence they are in such matters – whether it is through positive or adverse interactions with coaches or more direct financial support from home - athletes will take notice if you're there during practices at all times, rooting your heart out even when things get tough!

The recruiting process should be started as soon as possible. It’s never too early to start the long-term planning that goes into being a successful student-athlete and collegiate player. Your child will have many years of playing their sport, so it is important for them to find an environment where they can grow and thrive both in school and on the field.

 As parents, you are one of your child's best resources when navigating this difficult decision. If you want to help make sure your kid gets recruited, we're here with all the tools needed! We hope these tips helped answer any questions you may have had about how to get your kids recruited by colleges today or tomorrow!