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Your High School to College Sports Recruiting Questions, Answered

high school to college recruiting recruiting questions recruiting questions answered student athletes tips and tricks Feb 20, 2021
TruChampions, High School to College Sports Recruiting Questions Answered

Every day my inbox is flooded with questions about the high school to college sports recruiting process. People want to know how can I get my student-athlete college offers and play college sports? They want to know how to talk to college coaches. And they’re trying to figure out how to put together highlight reels, find college programs online, and when to start the high school to college recruitment process.

Chances are, you probably have these same types of questions. And you’ve probably even spent some time on blogs, forums, and around the web, trying to get answers. Problem is, you keep getting conflicting answers, right? 

For example, just pop into any college showcase and sports recruiting forum and ask this question: How do I get my student-athlete recruited to play in college? 

I guarantee that you’ll get conflicting advice. Some people will tell you to create your own coaches database and search online for the right college program. Another group will advocate that you should work with your high school or travel coach to help you get recruited. And just to make it extra confusing, you might even get a few people telling you to attend as many camps or showcases as you can in hopes that the “right coach” will find your student-athlete. 

So you’re left to sort through the wheat and the chaff. 

If you’re new to that particular community, it’s even harder because you don’t know who to trust. Because the truth is, there are plenty of wannabe sports recruiting services and consultants who want you to think they know what they’re talking about – but they’re just as clueless as everyone else. And in some cases, these types of people are offering downright dangerous advice. 

That’s why I compiled this list of frequently asked questions.

I wanted to make sure you got the right advice from someone who’s successfully navigated the world of High School to College Sports Recruiting. Read on… 

Q: What is the best way to “market my student-athlete” to a college coach?

A: Creating a profile is a great way to display your athlete’s information.  Look at your profile like a resume. You would never apply for a job without being able to explain your experience or skills, right? There is nothing different here. 

If you're in 9th or 10th grade, now is the right time to start creating a profile for your student-athlete that can be shared with coaches. Taking a new approach to sports recruiting means that you are now able to show your skills, personal contact information, video links, live game statistics, and more making you more attractive to coaches. This means you will smooth out your relationship building and move forward with scholarship offers.

Q: Attending camps and showcases across the country is expensive. Is there a cheaper way to get the same results?

A: Attending the wrong camps and showcases can be very expensive for anyone. If you know what you need to do to connect with college coaches to get scholarship offers you will no longer waste your money attending camps, showcases, or tournaments without a plan. What families want to waste money on gas traveling to and from events, food, and hotel costs with little to no offers, right? 

If you or your athlete have not spoken to a coach prior to attending a camp, chances are they will not be watching your athlete because they already have their eye on student-athletes that they have spoken to and have a relationship with. It’s important to reach out to a coach and provide them with your film and information to let them know you are attending. That way you’re not going to a camp with no plan.

Q: Every time I try to search online for Sports Recruiting information, I end up more confused before I even started. How can I avoid this in the future? 

A: Relying solely on information you find online to help your student-athlete can be confusing but, also in some cases misleading. Remember that every situation is unique, so outcomes are different for everyone. 

We often share with parents that they absolutely can go through the recruiting process without assistance but, most of the time they fail because they do the steps in the wrong order, and miss important information to get them to their desired result for their student-athlete. Based on the coaches we have worked with, they tell us they simply do not have time to work individually with every family to help their athletes get recruited. 

This is where programs like TruChampions help. We offer weekly workshops (6 hours of support). These sessions allow parents to get the support they need in a trusted environment. 

‚ÄčIn conclusion…  

At last, you finally know the TRUTH about some sports recruiting mistakes. And that means that you can now start or work through the process more confidently because you’re armed with the knowledge you need to succeed.

See you at the top!