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What does NCAA Recruiting Dead-Period Extension Mean?

ncaa and covid ncaa dead period ncaa recruiting Feb 17, 2021
TruChampions, NCAA Division 1 Dead Period extended.

What is a Dead-Period?

During a dead period, a college coach may not have face-to-face contact with college-bound student-athletes or their parents and may not watch student-athletes compete or visit their high schools. However, coaches may write and telephone student-athletes or their parents during a dead period.

Recruiting can be more complicated

For situations like College football recruiting this removes the spring-evaluation period for the class of 2022. Typically, the window is from April 15 to May 31 and is crucial for programs to begin finding and grading prospective players. For basketball, the announcement means there will be no in-person evaluation during the two scheduled April live periods. An extension through the end of May means that athletes are starting to make verbal commitments sooner rather than later.

Virtual tours are an alternative option

Despite in-person college visits, most colleges are now resorting to an online approach and doing virtual tours with prospects. Many prospects are still making on-campus visits at their own expense so that they can walk around in person despite not being able to meet with program staff while on campus. 

Given there is not another extension, colleges will still be able to host normal summertime prospect camps, something that was eliminated last year related to the dead period mandate.

How can athletes still get recruited?

It’s now more important than ever for student-athletes to maximize their online presence and be proactive in starting recruiting conversations with coaches. TruChampions has been working with many student-athletes during COVID-19 and college offers continue to happen for those who stay in active communications with coaches. Coaches are now looking more closely on how student-athletes are adapting to and overcoming COVID-19 obstacles. Being creative and persistent will catch the eye of a college coach.

Here are some tips for success:

  • Create and keep your athlete profile updated- Make sure that you create an athlete profile that has a sharable link that can be emailed to coaches. You should include your contact information and any relevant sports stats. Purchase a pre-made profile here.

  • Create a highlight or skills video: Let’s face it… the recruiting landscape has changed! Coaches realize that high school sports seasons are being cancelled and this means that game footage might not be available. Instead, Coaches are now open to receiving skills video that can easily be shot in your backyard. Coaches want to see your skill level and creating a video like this is a great alternative. For more help, you can purchase our highlight video course.

  • Start exploring college programs with making a bigger list: Having a bigger college list means more options. Student-athletes tend to keep their list small and only focus on a certain level of school. With coaches accepting transfer students or current athletes getting a Red or Gray shirt it could mean that roster spots are limited. If you were thinking of a D1 school, consider applying for a D2, D3, NAIA or NJCAA program.