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I haven’t heard anything from the college coach or school? Does that mean the coach isn’t interested yet?

coach communication high school to college recruiting lack of coach response recruiting tips Feb 25, 2021
TruChampions, Haven't heard anything from coach

Even if the NCAA contact rules mandate that coaches cannot start communicating with your athlete yet, coaches will usually find a way to get in touch with student-athletes they are interested in. They will do research on your athlete and reach out to their high school or club coach to learn more or see when they are playing next. Coaches also might have the institution send generic information about the school. Contact with coaches especially freshman or sophomores can come in unexpected ways. So, if your athlete does not get any response from the coach or school, they are most likely not interested.

A few student-athlete tips:

  • Make sure your athlete always follows up with the coach, so they know that they have an interest in their program.
  • If your athlete is only reaching out to D1 programs and they do not hear back it might mean they are not a fit for that level, or it’s possible the coach isn’t recruiting for their graduate year.
  • Include a mix of schools, including D2, D3, and NAIA. This will give your athlete a chance to consider every opportunity and better understand what the right fit for them is academically and athletically.
  • Start broad and refine your athlete’s list as they go.
  • Remember that coaches cannot initiate phone conversations until June 15 after an athlete’s sophomore year. Athletes can still outreach to coaches via email.

If a coach is likely interested, your student-athlete will be receiving calls, texts, or direct messages through social media from the coach.