Christmas Presents

Congratulations to our winners

The $200k Giveaway!

We're Giving away$200k in college recruiting and scholarships. 

TruChampions is giving away $200k in athletic sports recruiting and scholarships for young athletes who are looking for a chance to play sports in college.

TruChampions has a mission of giving back and this opportunity allows us to work with athletes who otherwise may not seek our support and services. Thank you to all those who entered and we can't wait to work with the winners of the giveaway. 

Winners of the $200k Giveaway

  1. Kristin Gilmore

  2. Dee Gipson

  3. Alexis Hyland

  4. Debbie Jennings

  5. Crystal Joiner

  6. Katie Kellen

  7. Tammy Ryan

  8. Nedra Stadther

  9. Brian Stucke

  10. Kara Talton

  11. Heidi Thrower

  12. Kristine Zellmer

  13. Rhonda Stanley

  14. Debbie Jennings

  15. Stephanie Czajkowski

  16. Jennifer Neill

  17. Chris Bandy

  18. Edward Garmendiz

  19. Dara Mount

  20. Erin Cajano

  21. Shawn Hendel

  22. Antria Sanders

  23. Cathy Gonzalez

  24. Casi Hodge

  25. Jamie Ramos

  26. Jessica Selof

  27. Carina McDonald

  28. Fabio Tadokoro

  29. Elizabeth Torres

  30. Kala Talton

  31. Melissa Streeter

  32. Nick Dorsch

  33. Andrea Barrett

  34. Nicole Shook

  35. Linda Cox

  36. Tina DeVries

  37. Robert Doucet

  38. Shandra Woody

  39. Orlando Olvera

  40. Lisa Thompson

  41. Scott Lerner

  42. Lisa Long

  43. Howard Brown

  44. Lashandra Weathers

  45. Lowell Uebele

  46. Tiffany Hill

  47. Jennifer Heagy

  48. Sherry Dennis

  49. Julie Billington

  50. Annette Valasquez

What if I win?

Winners will be notified on Monday, December 21 via phone call and email. You will be able to start using our services in January. Our team will onboard you and get you set-up for success.